🔄bugs61898subsref: Error when field syntax is used on non-scalar @class object< a day< a dayInterpreter3 - Normal5 - NormalRegressionNoneNoneopen7.0.90Any0
🔄bugs61843Regression with subscripted assignments with arrays of objects6 day(s) ago5 day(s) agoInterpreter3 - Normal5 - NormalRegressionConfirmedNoneopen7.0.90Any0
🔄bugs61842New "too many inputs" error message wrong with anonymous functions6 day(s) ago5 day(s) agoInterpreter3 - Normal5 - NormalInaccurate ResultIn ProgressNoneopen7.0.90Any3
🔄bugs61841rethrowing an exception leads to an internal error6 day(s) ago2 day(s) agoInterpreter3 - Normal5 - NormalUnexpected Error or WarningConfirmedNoneopen7.0.90Any5
🔄bugs61821segfault using tree_parameter_list in oct file9 day(s) ago2 day(s) agoInterpreter3 - Normal5 - NormalSegfault, Bus Error, etc.ConfirmedNoneopen7.0.90Microsoft Windows0
🔄bugs61813memory management bug when calling MEX that returns an output10 day(s) ago6 day(s) agoInterpreter3 - Normal5 - NormalRegressionNoneNoneopen7.0.90Any3
🔄bugs61790task bar icon of Octave cannot be pinned properly under linux12 day(s) ago5 day(s) agoGUI3 - Normal5 - NormalNoneNeed InfoNoneopen7.0.90GNU/Linux0
🔄bugs61788arrays of type int16 contain wrong numbers12 day(s) ago4 day(s) agoOctave Function3 - Normal5 - NormalRegressionNoneNoneopen7.0.90Any2
🔄bugs61687Translation files for 7.1.0 release38 day(s) ago30 day(s) agoGUI3 - Normal5 - NormalNoneNoneTorsten Lilge <ttl>open7.0.90Any2
🔄bugs61172Problems after maximize the GUI with 2 monitors129 day(s) ago9 day(s) agoGUI3 - Normal5 - NormalOtherReady For TestNoneopen7.0.90GNU/Linux8